The software is very easy to use, but provides endless combinations of settings and controls.

Kaleidica is played on your computer using your mouse and keyboard. After loading Kaleidica, you start by picking a Studio. Once in the Studio you select from a massive library of Brushes. Then it's as simple as a click and a wiggle to start a stream of active visuals.
The movement of your mouse tracks the Brush in different directions.
As you do so a mandala of visuals instantly spreads across your screen.
At this point you experience the thrill of creating living art.
In addition to moving your mouse, you manipulate the cascade of images with your keyboard.
Different keys do different things to the painted stream.
The process is unlike anything you've ever experienced.
These images are a series of stills pulled from a single session of Kaleidica play.
They represent changes of Brush and various settings during play.
It's extremely satisfying to be able to create such intensive designs.
Better than looking through a kaleidoscope.
Wilder than watching a movie.
More entertaining than a video game.
You are playing the world's first light performance instrument
And with it you cast endless, elaborate, intricate images from your computer.

What will you create?

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