Brushes are the basic element of drawing within Kaleidica.

There are two kinds of Brushes in Kaleidica, still and animated.
Animated Brushes are moving images that provide greater motion within the action of your performance. For example:

Still Brushes come in sets that you cycle through in real-time as you play within a Studio.

There are over 40 Brush libraries containing over 300 individual Brushes along with 17 animated brushes standard with Kaleidica.

Different Brushes give you different shapes, colors, textures and patterns to base your creation.
Within each Studio are settings that control the Brush. They can be set to initial parameters, and during the performance can be altered using various key commands.

Some of the live-action paramaters include:
Increase and decrease Brush size,
Change the intensity of the Brush image,
Alter its rate of spin and direction of spin,
Cycle through Brushes,
and much more.

You'll never run out of creative options with Kaleidica. Registered users have access to new Brushes and Brush libraries as they are developed.
Picture 6
An example of some of the Brush settings within the Star Studio.

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