Perform visions, stream art, generate magic and manipulate light.
This relatively complex looking movie is actually only a single brush being stretched then faded to black while it spins.

With Kaleidica, you can record your whole performance as a movie! The standard edition of Kaliedica allows any session to be saved for future playback within the application. Record your performance and play it back at a later time when you want to just sit back and let your computer chew through otherworldliness.
This feature is a great way to enjoy especially satisfying and beautiful sessions, create a scintillating interlude to your day, or provide an added element to a performance, such as pre-created opening and closing sequences.
You can even load a musical file to play along with your movie to create the world's coolest-grooving, magical-viewing jukebox.
The Kaleidica Pro Edition lets you export your movies as sequentially numbered files. Basically, you can create free-standing Kaleidica movies to export and edit in your favorite movie-editing program. An amazing new dimension is added to film when Kaleidica imagery is used in conjunction with other video elements.

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