Kaleidica is jamming with light.

Think of it as an instrument for your computer – the more you work with it, the more you learn. As such, it's an amazing outlet for expressing yourself through light. Imagine yourself on stage with a band, casting an intense spectacle to enrich the music. As you perform, your favorite tunes come to life right before your eyes.
It's like seeing music. And as it fires up your soul, and your fingers dance across the keys finding rhythms, chords and melodies made of color and shape materialize before your eyes. Or your audiences eyes!
When you're ready to get your jam on then grab a projector, set up a screen and join the band. Kaleidica makes an ordinary performance into a stageshow extravaganza.
And because Kaleidica is a performance instrument, you become as much a part of the band as any other player on stage.
Kaleidica adds a new dimension of entertainment to performances, clubs, parties, presentations, street shows, or simply a wild scene at your home.
arenaPerformance1 arenaPerformance2
These images were taken during a show at Point Arena in San Francisco.

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